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258                           DOMINO.
six-five; and double-six. Sometimes a double set is played with, of which double-twelve is the highest.
At the commencement of the game, the cards (as they are called) are shuffled with their faces on the table. Each person draws one, and if four play, those who choose the two highest are partners against those who take the two lowest : drawing the latter also serves to determine who is to lay down the first piece, which is reckoned a great advantage. Afterwards, each player takes seven pieces at random. The eldest hand having laid down one, the next must pair him at either end of the piece he may choose, according to the number of pips, or being a blank in the com­partment of the piece; but whenever any one cannot match the part not paired, either of the card last put down, or of that unpaired at the other end of the row, then he says Go ; and the next is at liberty to play. Thus they play alter­nately, either till one party has wholly discarded, and thereby wins the game, or till the game is blocked; that is, when neither party can play by matching the pieces where unpaired at either end ; then they win who have the smallest number of pips on the pieces remaining in their possession. It is to the advantage of every player to dispossess himself as early as possible of the heavy pieces, such as double-sixes, fives, fours, &c.
Sometimes, when two persons play, they take each only seven pieces, and agree to play or draw ; i. e. when one cannot come in, or pair with the pieces on the board at the end unmatched, he is to draw from the fourteen pieces in stock, till he finds one to suit.
This game requires strict attention, and nothing but practice will make perfect.
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