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QUADRILLE.                        263
1.  When you are the ombre, and your friend leads from a mat, play your best trump, and then lead the next best the first opportunity.
2.  If you possess all the trumps, keep leading them, except you have other certain winning cards.
3.  If all the mats should not be revealed by the time you have won six tricks, do not risk playing for the vole.
4.  When you are the friend called, and hold only a mat, lead it, but if only a mat guarded by a small trump, lead the small one ; though when the ombre is last player, lead the best trump you have.
5.  Punto in red, or king of trumps in black, are good cards to lead when they are your best, and should either of them succeed, then play a small trump.
6.  When the ombre leads to discover the friend, if you hold king, queen, and knave, put on the knave.
7.  Preserve the called suit, whether friend or foe.
8.  When playing against a lone hand, never lead a king, unless you have the queen, nor change the suit, nor permit, if possible to prevent it, the ombre to be last player.
9- Call on the strongest suits, except you have a queen guarded; and, if elder-hand, you have a better chance than when middle-hand.
10. A good player may succeed better with a weaker hand when either elder or younger, than if middle hand.
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