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There are three matadores, viz spadille, manille, and basto, which force all inferior trumps; but if an ordinary trump be led, you are not obliged to play a matadore; though if spadille be led, and you hold manille or basto unguarded, you must play it; also, if manille be led, and you have basto unguarded, that must be played.
1.  The first thing, after seeing the cards, is to ask leave; to pass: or play sans prendre; and if you name a wrong trump, you must abide by it.
2.  If all the players pass, he who holds spadille is obliged to play what is called forced spadille; but though he should not make three tricks, he is not beasted.
3.  The player, who calls a king, ought to have a fair probability of winning three tricks, to pre­vent being beasted.
4.  Therefore, such games only are set down as give a fair chance to win by calling a king, with directions at the end of each what to lead.
1. What are the odds that my partner holds one of any two cards ?
Ans. That he holds one card out of any two cer­tain cards, is about 5 to 4 in his favour ; and if you hold one matadore, the odds are in your fa­vour that your partner holds one of the other two, and consequently you may play your game accordingly.
Again, suppose you call a king, having a knave and one small card of another suit in your hand, it is 5 to 4 in your favour that your partner holds either the king or queen of that suit; and conse-
2 A
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