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276                       QUADRILLE.
7.  A player naming any suit for trumps, must abide by the same.
8.  Whosoever plays with eleven cards is beasted.
9.  If you play sans prendre, or have matadores, your claim must be made before the next deal is finished, or you lose the benefit.
10.  Any person naming his trump without ask­ing leave, is obliged to play sans prendre, unless he is the younger hand, and all the rest have passed.
11.  After the game is won, if the person who won the sixth trick play the seventh card, he is obliged to play for the vole.
12.  If you have four kings dealt, you are at li­berty either to call a queen to one of your kings, except the queen of trumps; or to call one of your own kings.
13.  If any person separate a card from the rest, he ought to play it, should the adverse party have seen it, unless he plays sans prendre.
14.  Should the king be called, or his partner play out of turn, the vole is not to be played for.
15.  No person is to be beasted for a renounce, unless the trick is turned and quitted ; and if any renounce be timely discovered, should the player happen to be beasted by such renounce, all the parties are to take up their cards, and play them over again.
16.  Forced spadille is not obliged to make three tricks, nor is he allowed to play for the vole.
17.  Whoever undertakes to play the vole, has the preference of playing before him who offers to play sans prendre only.
18.  If all parties agree to it, let the person have the preference of playing who plays for the most tricks, which will prevent small games.
19.  The ombre is entitled to know his king called, before he declares for the vole.
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