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QUADRILLE.                       277
20.  When six tricks are won, he who won the sixth ought to say, " I play the vole ;" or, " I do not play the vole;" or, " I ask;" and nothing else.
21.  He who wins the vole, is to take double the stake played for out of the pool.
22.  He who asks leave, if elder hand, may play sans prendre, in preference to any of the other players.
23.  A player who has one or more kings, may call him or herself, naming the king, but must win six tricks.
24.  If you play the king surrendered, he must win six tricks who demands the king of any per­son.
25.  He who has passed once has no right to call afterwards ; also he who has asked is obliged to play, unless somebody else plays sens prendre.
26.  Should the ombre, or his friend, show their cards before they have won six tricks, the adver­saries may call their cards as they please.
27.  Whoever has asked leave only cannot play sans prendre, unless forced.
28.  You are at liberty to look at all the tricks turned when you are to lead, but not otherwise.
29.  Whoever undertakes playing for the vole, and does not succeed, has a right to the stakes sans prendre, and matadores should he have them, having won his game.
30.  Any person discovering his game is not en­titled to play for the vole.
31.  If there happen to be two cards of the same sort, and it be found out before the deal is ended, the deal is void, but not otherwise.
32.  Nobody is to declare how many trumps are played out.
33.  He who calls and does not make three
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