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278                       QUADRILLE.
tricks, is to be beasted alone, unless in forced spadille.
Alone. See Sans Appeller, and Sans Prendre.
To ask Leave is to ask permission to play with a partner by calling a king.
Basto, the ace of clubs, is always the third trump.
Beast is a penalty, which consists in paying as many counters as are down on the board; and is incurred either by renouncing, or by not winning, when you stand the game, which is called being beasted. Beast off the board, is when those who stand the game do not gain more than four tricks.
Cheville is to be situated between the eldest hand and the dealer.
Codill is when those who defend the pool, make more tricks than they who stand the game ; the former are said to win codill, and the latter to lose it.
Consolation is a claim always paid by losers to those who win, whether by codill or remise.
Devole is when he who stands the game does not gain a trick.
Do More is when any player, having asked leave, is required by a younger hand either to pass or play alone.
Double. To play double, is to pay the game and the stake double, as well as the consolation, the sans prendre, the matadores and the devole.
Force. The ombre is forced when a strong trump is played to weaken his hand, should he overtrump ; and he is likewise said to be forced when, upon asking leave, another, by offering to
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