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play sans prendre, compels him to play alone or pass.
Friend is the player who has the king or queen called.
Game. To stand the game signifies either to call or play alone.
Impasse is playing, when in cheville, the knave of a suit of which you have the king.
King Surrendered. See Roi Rendu.
Manille is always the second trump ; in black, the deuce of spades, or clubs ; and, in red, the seven of hearts or diamonds.
Mark means the fish put down by the dealer.
Matadores or Mats mean spadille, manille, and basto, the three first trumps. False matadores are any sequence of trumps following the mata­dores regularly.
Mille is an ivory mark, standing for ten fish.
Ombre is the name given to him who stands the game, either by calling or by playing alone, sans appeller, or sans prendre.
Party signifies the duration of the game, ac­cording to the number of tours agreed upon.
Pass is the term that is used when you have not a good hand to play.
Ponto or Punto is the ace of diamonds, when diamonds are trumps ; or of hearts, when hearts are trumps ; and is then the fourth trump.
Pool. The pool consists of the fishes deposited for the deals, or the counters which are put down by the players, or the beasts that go on the game. To defend the pool, is to be against those who stand the game.
Prise is the number of fish or counters given to each player at the beginning of the party.
Regle is the order that is observed at the
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