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280                         QUADRILLE.
game; it is called, being in regie, when the ombre trumps the return of the king called.
Remise is when they who stand the game do not make more tricks than they who defend the pool; and they then lose by remise.
Renounce is not to follow the suit led, when you have it; it is also called a renounce when, not having any of the suit led, you win with a card that is the only one you have of that suit.
Reprise, the same as Party.
Reporte, the same as Remise.
Roi Rendu, the king surrendered, is the me­thod of playing, when the king called is exchanged with the ombre, for which a fish is paid and some other card given by him who called, and he is to win the game alone.
Spadille is the ace of spades, always the first trump. Forced Spadille is when he who has spa­dille is obliged to play, all the other players having passed.
Sans Apeller means without calling, and is when you play without calling a king.
Sans Prendre. This term signifies the same as sans appeller. Forced sans prendre is, when, having asked leave, one of the other players offers to play sans prendre; in which case you are obliged either to play sans prendre, or to pass.
Tenace is to wait with two trumps, that must necessarily win when he that has two others is obliged to lead ; such are the two black aces, with regard to manille and punto.
Tours are counters put down by the winners to mark the number of games played.
Vole means gaining all the tricks, either with a friend or alone.
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