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In order to vary this game, some introduce the mediateur, either with or without the favourite suit; the first term signifies a king, which any person may demand, in order to play sans prendre, giving in return some other card, and a fish : but if the king be of the favourite suit, then two fish are to be paid. The favourite suit is determined either by drawing a card, or otherwise fixing upon a suit at the commencement of the party; and during the whole game, each player, asking leave in that suit, has a preference before others who have a good hand in a different suit, unless a me­diateur is demanded, then that takes the lead: and if in the favourite suit, then that again is first; those who play alone, without the media­teur, precede even that, and, when in the favourite, take place of all.
Solitaire quadrille is where it is agreed not to call, but always play sans prendre, with or without the mediateur ; and if in any deal no one can play alone, then the cards are to be dealt again, and such additions made to the stake as may have been settled.
Solitaire quadrille by three, or tredrille, is, ex­cepting the king, throwing out all of one red suit, and the six of the other; each person playing on his own account, as at three-handed whist.
In Lancashire, where this game is very much in vogue, it is customary to play with a purchased king, and preferable suit (always hearts), in a manner similar to what is styled above the me­diateur and favourite-suit, as may be fully per­ceived by the following table of
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