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282                       QUADRILLE.
1.  An Ask-leave in a common suit: the same as at plain quadrille; vis. one a-piece.
2.  An Ask-leave in hearts : double from the pool, that is two a-piece besides the aces ; if raa-tadores, two a-piece from the adversaries ; double mats, four a-piece.
3.  A purchase-king in a common suit: one from each antagonist; mats, two ; double mats, three.
4.  A purchase in hearts : two from each; mats, four ; double mats, six.
N.B. Pay two for the purchased-king, when the suit is in hearts.
5.  A solo, common suit: two from each ; mats, three ; double mats, four.
6.  A solo in hearts : four from each; mats, six ; double mats, eight.
7.  A vole, common suit, with a friend; the game and five a-piece out of the pool; and from the adversaries two a-piece; if mats, three ; double mats, four.
8.  A vole in hearts ; the game and ten each out of the pool ; four a-piece from the adversaries; with mats, six ; double mats, eight.
9.  A purchase-vole, common suit: the game and ten out of the pool ; three from each adver­sary ; mats, four, double mats, five.
10.  A purchase-vole in hearts; the game and twenty out of the pool: six a-piece from the op­ponents ; mats, eight; double mats, ten.
11.  A solo-vole, common suit : the game and twenty out of the pool, six from each antagonist: mats, seven ; double mats, eight.
12.  A solo-vole in hearts : the game and forty
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