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out of the pool: twelve from each adversary; mats, fourteen ; double mats, sixteen.
13. A beast in hearts : pay two a-piece to the board, and put four more out of the pool: if the next game be in hearts, take double out of the pool, but if in a common suit, only what lies upon the table, excepting the aces : always pay double to a beast if it be an eight board, and when beasted with a friend called, pay eight a-piece, making the next a sixteen board ; should another beast succeed, pay thirty-two, and the next sixty-four.
N. B. In common suits never take any more than what lies on the table, excepting the aces, nor pay more for a beast unless in hearts, and then in that suit always pay and receive double.
A beast off the board is always paid out of the pool; if in playing alone you be beasted off, upon an eight or sixteen board, the adversaries are to receive four or eight a-piece, and so on in propor­tion to the beast upon the table, but if in hearts, double.
A lost-vole in hearts : pay four to each adver­sary.
A lost-vole with mats : four, that is, two to the two which the adversaries would otherwise pay you.
A lost-vole with double mats : the four to be returned which you were to have received had you won the vole.
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