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Reversis is played by four persons, with every one a box containing six contracts, reckoned as 48 fish each, twenty counters 6 fish each, and 32 fish, making in all 400 fish ; likewise with two pools, called the great and the little quinola pools (the great one to be under the little), which are always to be placed on the dealer's right hand. For this game the tens must be taken out from a pack of cards; the deal is to the right; three cards are given to each player the first round, and four to the dealer, afterwards always four, so that the non-dealers will have eleven cards each, and the dealer twelve, with three remaining, to be placed singly in the middle of the table opposite to each non-dealer, who is to put out a card under the pools, and replace it with the card that is opposite to him on the table : the dealer like­wise puts out one, but does not take in : should, however, there be three remises or stakes in the pools, then it is in any player's option to take a card or not; if he do not take, he may see the card, before the same is placed to the discard ; then, previous to playing any card, the opposite parties exchange one with each other. The cards rank as at Whist, and the points in the tricks are forty, each ace reckoning 4, king 3, queen 2, and knave 1.
The points in the discard, which form the party, reckon as in the tricks, except the ace of dia­monds, and the knave of hearts, as great quinola; the former reckoning 5, and the latter 4. The
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