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when the reversis is made ; but when broken, the whole is paid by the person whose reversis is broken ; that is, he pays the person breaking it exactly the same number of fish he would have received had he won it.
1.  The person who misdeals loses his deal.
2.  If any player take his card without having put out to the discard, the deal is void.
3.  The eldest hand ought to take care that all the players have put their stakes into the pools ; as, if they have not, he must make good the deficiency.
4.  The discard when put out is not to be changed.
5.  The eldest hand should not play a card till the discard is complete ; should he have played, he is permitted, if nobody have played to it, to take up the card and play another.
6.  No person must play before his turn.
7.  If at the end of the game an error be dis­covered in the discard, the deal must be made again.
8.  When the cards are cut, it is too late to ask for any payments.
9.  The player who throws down his game, thinking he can win the remaining tricks, is to pay for any ace or quinola, that has or can be placed or given; and, in case of undertaking a reversis, the person who might break it can oblige him to play the cards, as he who can break it shall direct.
10.  When a player, whether thinking he has won the party or not, asks for the aces or
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