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Tlie White Winning Game.
The White Losing Game.
The White Winning and Losing Game.
The Winning and Losing Carambole Game.
Red or Carambole Winning Game.
The Red Losi?ig Game.
The Simple Carambole Game.
In order to play this game wrell, attention must be given at first to the method of holding the mace or cue, to the position in which the player should stand, and the manner of delivering the ball from either; but these are much more easily acquired by observation, or by the direction of a good player, than by any possible written rules.
The games usually played till lately were the white winning and the red winning carambole games; but the winning and losing carambole game is now become the favourite.
Almost all the problems at billiards receive their solution from the two following mathematical principles :
1st. The angle of incidence of a ball against one of the cushions is equal to the angle of re­flection.
2dly. When a ball strikes another, if we draw a right line between their centres, which will of course pass by the point of contact, this line will be the direction the ball will follow after it is struck.
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