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BILLIARDS.                        297
To discover the direction of a ball after striking another.—Strike the ball N, which will hit M at o, through the point o draw the tangent o P, and through the centre of the ball N, when arrived at the point of contact, draw the parallel line n P to o P, and M P will be the direction of your ball after striking that of your adversary.
In the present edition, I have suppressed all the calculations of the odds; and for this reason—that, in calculating the chances of the respective players, the position of the balls upon the table must form the most important element of the calculation— one, too, the value of which would be instantly estimated by a mathematical eye, and in the ab­sence of which, anv calculations that might be attempted would be erroneous.
1.   The white winning game, played with two white balls, is twelve in number, when two per­sons play, and fifteen when four play ; scored (independently of forfeitures) from winning ha­zards only.
2.  The white losing game, also twelve in number, played with two white balls, is the reverse of the winning ; the points being scored from losing and double, or winning and losing hazards.
3.  The white winning and losing game, is a com­bination of the two preceding; all balls put in by striking the adversary's ball first, reckon towards the game.
The three preceding games should be made introductory to the knowledge of those with three or more balls, which are more complicated and difficult.
4.  Choice of balls,—in which the player chooses
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