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300                        BILLIARDS.
cular game, or to hit with his own ball the other two successively; for which stroke, called a ca­rambole or carom, he obtains two points.
15.  The Russian carambole varies from the com­mon carambole in the following particulars :
The red ball is to be placed upon the usual spot; but the player at the commencement of the game, or after his ball has been holed, is at liberty to place it where he pleases. The leader, instead of striking at the red ball, should lay his own gently behind the same, and the opponent may play at either of them ; if the said opponent play at and hole the red ball, he scores three ; then the red ball is to be replaced upon the spot, and the player may take his choice again, always following his stroke till both balls are off the table ; he gains two points for every carambole; but if in doing that he hole his own ball, then he loses as many as otherwise he would have obtained ; and if he strike at the red ball, and should carambole and hole that ball and his own, he loses five points ; and when he holes all three balls he loses seven, which respective numbers he would have won had he not holed his own ball.
16.    The Caroline or carline game is played either on a round or square table with five balls, two white, one red, another blue, and the Caroline ball yellow. The red ball is to be placed on its usual spot, the Caroline ball exactly in the middle of the table, and the blue ball between the two at the lower end of the table. The striking spot is at the upper end, in a parallel line with the three balls. The game is 42, scored from caram-boles and hazards ; the red hazard counts three, the blue two, and the yellow, when holed in the Caroline or middle pocket, is reckoned at six points.
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