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BILLIARDS.                         301
17.  The four game consists of two partners on each side at any of the common games, who play in succession after every winning hazard lost.
18.  The cushion game consists in the striker playing his ball from the top of the baulk cushion instead of following his stroke upon the table, and is generally played in the winning, or winning and losing game, reckoned equal to giving 6 points.
1.  String for the lead and choice of balls.
2.  In stringing, the striker should stand with both feet within the limits of the corner of the table, and not place his ball beyond the stringing nails or spots: his adversary alone is bound to see that he stands and plays fair, otherwise he is not subject to any forfeiture.
3.  If the leader follow his ball with either mace or cue, beyond the middle hole, his adversary may make him lead again.
4.  Immediately after a hazard has been won, the balls are to be broken, and the striker is to lead as at first.
5.  When a hazard has been lost in either of the corner holes, the leader, if his adversary re­quire it, is to lead from the end of the table where the hazard was lost, but if the hazard were lost in either of the middle holes, the leader may play from either end of the table.
6.  If the striker miss his adversary's ball, he loses one point; and if by the same stroke he should hole his own ball, he loses three points.
7.  Whether the stroke is foul or fair, if the striker hole his own or both balls, or force either
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