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2.  In stringing, the striker must place his ball within the striking ring ; and, if his adversary de­sire it, must stand within the limits of the corner of the table.
3.  He who, after playing at the bottom cushion, brings his ball nearest to the cushion at the upper or baulk end of the table, wins the lead, and chooses his ball.
4.  After the first person has strung for the lead, if the adversary who follows should make his ball touch the other, he loses the lead.
5.  By holding his own ball either in stringing or leading, the player loses the lead.
6.  Should the leader follow his ball with either mace or cue beyond the middle hole, it is no lead; and his adversary may make him lead again.
7.  The leader must place his ball within the ring, between the striking-nails or spots at the upper end of the table ; and the same must be observed after every losing hazard has been got.
8.  The red ball to be placed on the lower of the two spots, at the bottom of the table.
9.  When either of the white balls has been holed, &c, it must be replaced in, and played from the striking ring, as at the commencement of the game.
10.  When the red ball has been holed or forced over the table, it must be replaced on the same spot as at the beginning of the game, and the present striker is bound to see it thus re­placed, otherwise he cannot win any points while it is off the spot, and the stroke he may make is deemed foul.
11.  If the striker do not hit his adversary's ball, he loses one point; and, if by the same stroke, he
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