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312                        BILLIARDS.
makes the stroke foul; and if his own ball were running towards a hole, or near a hole, and he be seen by his adversary to blow upon it, he loses two points.
60.  If the striker play with both feet off the ground, the stroke is deemed foul.
61.  Whoever strikes the table when the ball is running, makes the stroke foul.
62.  If the striker throws his mace or cue upon the table so as to baulk his adversary, he causes him to make a foul stroke.
63.  If a ball be made to go extremely near the brink of a hole, and after sensibly standing still, falls into it, the striker wins nothing, and the ball must be put on the same brink where it stood before the adversary makes his next stroke ; and if it should fall into the hole at the instant the striker hath played upon his ball, so as to prevent the success of his strcke, the striker's and the adver­sary's balls must be placed in the same relative position, and the striker play again.
64.  He who will not play the game out, loses the same.
65.  If a person agree to play with the cue, he is obliged to play with it during the whole of the game or match ; but if no agreement have been made, he may at any time change it for the mace, and vice versa. But when the parties agree to play mace against cue, the mace-player has no right to use a cue, nor has the cue-player any right to use a mace, without permission.
66.  When a person agrees to play with a cue, he must play every ball within his reach with the point thereof; and if he should agree to play with the butt of the cue, he has no right at any time to play with the point, without permission. Also, when the parties agree to play point and point of
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