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16.  If the striker play with the wrong ball, and at the same time make a losing hazard, he loses either two or three points, according to which ball he struck first, and the stroke is considered foul.
17.  If the striker should play with the wrong ball and miss both the remaining balls, he loses one point, and if the ball should go into a hole, he loses three points, and the stroke is deemed foul.
18.  If the striker playing at the baulk, should hole his own ball, he loses three points.
19.  If the striker pocket either or both the balls, or should carambole when the balls are within the baulk, he wins two, three, five, or seven points, according to the stroke.
20.  When the striker plays from the spot or circle, at either of the balls within the baulk, he is to pass one of the balls, otherwise it is no stroke.
21.  When the striker's ball and the red ball are within the baulk, he is not obliged to pass the ball.
22.  When either of the white balls has been holed, and the red or the white stands so near that the striker cannot place this ball without touching the other, the marker must hold the red ball in his hand, as directed in the 37th rule of the Winning and Losing Game.
23.  If either of the balls should be before, be­hind, or on one side of the spot, so that the striker is able to place his own ball without touching the other, he must play the ball as he can from the spot, as neither of the balls must be removed to make way for him.
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