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322                             CHESS.
3.  When the striker makes a carambole, he scores two, except he holes his own ball on that of the adversary, or holes the adversary's ball, and then he loses two points.
4.  And when he caramboles, and holes either his own ball on the red, or holes the red ball, he loses three points.
5.  And also should he hole both his own and the adversary's ball, then he loses four points.
6.  And when he holes both his own and the red ball, he loses five points, if he played at the white, and six if at the red ball.
7« And likewise if he should hole all three balls at one stroke, he loses seven points, if he played at the white, and eight if at the red ball.
The rest of the rules and regulations used in this are similar to those belonging to the other games, when they are not contradictory to any of the seven above-mentioned.
The works already extant on this beautiful and scientific game would form a voluminous library - of themselves, yet so little do they differ from each other, that the system of attack and defence laid down by the earliest writer upon Chess, Damiao de Goa, a Portuguese, who flourished about the end of the fifteenth century, is identi­cally the same as the system laid down by Mr. Lewis in his recent publication, which may justly be considered as our most classical authority upon the science of Chess.
For this reason, and impressed with the convic-
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