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328                            CHESS.
black square (marked 6l), at one end of the board reckoning from the right; the black or red king upon the fifth (5), a white square, at the other end of the board ; opposite to each other. The white queen must be upon the fifth (60), a white square, on the left of her king. The black queen upon the fourth (4), a black square on the right of her king. The bishops must be placed on each side of their king and queen; 59 and 62 for the white, 3 and 6 for the black. The knights on each side of the bishops : the white on 58 and 63, the black on 2 and 7. The rooks, in the two corners of the board, next to the knights, 57 and 46 of the white, I and 8 of the black i and the eight pawns, or common men, upon the eight squares of the second line ; the white on 49 to 56, and the black on 9 to 16 inclusive.
The pieces, and pawns, on the side of each king, take their names from him, as those on the side of the queen do from her, and are called the black or white king's bishop (6 and 62) ; the king's knights (7 and 63) ; the king's rooks (8 and 6-1; ; the king's pawns (13 and 53) ; the king's bishop's pawns (14 and 54) ; the king's knight's pawns (15 and 55) ; the king's rook's pawns (16 and 56) ; the black or white queen's bishops (3 and 59) ; the queen's knights (2 and 58) ; the queen's rooks (1 and 57) ; the queen's pawns (12 and 52) ; the queen's bishop's pawns (11 and 51) ; the queen's knight's pawns (10 and 50) ; and the queen's rook's pawns (9 and 49). The squares are named from the pieces, viz. where the king stands, is called the square of the king ; where his pawn stands is called the second square of the king : that before the pawn is called the third square of the king ; that beyond it is called the fourth square of the king ; and so of all the rest.
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