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CHESS.                             335
13. Difficult check-mates are a knight and bishop, or two bishops against a king ; a rook and bishop against a rook, and a queen against a bishop and knight.
1.  Move your pawns before your pieces, and afterwards bring out the pieces to support them; therefore the king's, queen's, and bishop's pawns should be the first played, in order to open the game well.
2.  Do not, therefore, play out any of your pieces early in the game, because you thereby lose moves, in case your adversary can, by playing a pawn, make them retire, and he also opens his game at the same time : especially avoid playing your queen out, till your game is tolerably well opened.
3.  Avoid giving useless checks, and never give any unless to gain some advantage, because you may lose the move, if the adversary can either take or drive your piece away.
4- Never crowd your game by having too many pieces together, so as to prevent your men ad­vancing or retreating as occasion may require-
5.  If your game should be crowded, endeavour to free it by exchanges of pieces or pawns, and castle your king as soon as convenient; afterwards bring out your pieces, and attack the adversary where weakest.
6.  When the adversary plays out his pieces be­fore his pawns, attack them as soon as you can with vour pawns, by which vou may crowd his game, and make him lose moves.
7.  Never attack the adversary's king without a sufficient force ; and if he attack vours, and you
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