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5.  Two bishops may win.
6.  A knight with a bishop may win.
7.  A rook against either a knight or a bishop makes a drawn game ; as also do a rook and a knight against a rook.
8.  A rook with a bishop against a rook may win.
9.  A rook with either a bishop or a knight against a queen makes a drawn game.
10.  A queen against a bishop and a knight may win.
11.  A queen against a rook with two pawns makes a drawn game.
12.  A rook against either a bishop or a knight with two pawns makes a drawn game; because the player possessing the rook cannot be prevented
from exchanging it for the two pawns.
In order to determine what shall be a drawn game, it is customary towards the conclusion to fix 50 more moves on each side as the number to ascertain that point.
1.  If you touch your man you must play it, unless that would expose your king to check, in which case you are only, when possible, to move the king : and so long as you keep hold, you may place the man where you please ; but once having quitted it, you cannot recall the move; though should any men be displaced by accident they are to be restored.
2.  If you touch one of your adversary's men, he may insist upon your taking it; and when you cannot do so, then you are to move your king, provided that may be effected without putting him on check.
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