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35 W. The knight at the black king's rook's fourth
square. B. The kind's rook gives check.
36 W. The bishop covers the check.
B. The knight at the white queen's second square. 3/ W. The king pawn gives check.
B. The knight at the knight's third square.*
38 W. The king's bishop's pawn one move.
B. The rook at its king's bishop's square.
39 W. The knight gives check at the fourth aquare
of his king's bishop. B. The king at his knight's second square.
40 W. The bishop at the black king's rook's fourth
square. B. Plays any where, the white pushes to queen.
Or, continuation from the twelfth move.
12 W. The queen's pawn retakes it.
B. The king's bishop takes the white queen's bishop.
13 W. The queen takes the bishop.
B. The queen's bishop at his king's third square.
14 W. The king's knight at his king's bishop's
fourth square. B. The queen at her king's second square.
15 W. The knight takes the bishop.
B. The queen takes the knight.
16 W. The king castles his rook.
B. The queen's knight at his queen's second square.
* As the king may retire to his bishop's square, the second back-game will show how to proceed in this case.
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