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CHESS.                             359
9 B. The king's rook's pawn two steps.* W. The king's rook's pawn one move.
10 B. The king's knight at his rook's third square.
W. The king castles on his own side.
11  B. The queen's knight at her rook's fourth square.
W. The bishop gives check.
12 B. The bishop covers the check.
W. The bishop takes the black bishop.
13 B. The queen takes the bishop. W. The queen's pawn one move.
14 B. The queen's bishop's pawn one move.f W. The queen's knight's dawn two- moves.
15 B. The queen's bishop's pawn takes it passing by.
W. The rook's pawn retakes the pawn.
16 B. The queen's knight's pawn one move. W. The queen's bishop at his king's third
17 B. The bishop at his king's second square. W. The king's knight at his king's bishop's
fourth square.J
18  B. The king's knight at his own square.
* He pushes this pawn two steps to avoid having a double pawn upon his king's rook's line, which, by pushing your king's rook's pawn upon his knight, he could not possibly escape, and you, taking it afterwards with your queen's bishop, would have given him a very bad game.
t He plays this to cut the communication of your pawns ; but you avoid it by pushing immediately your queen's knight's pawn upon his knight, which move obliges your adversary to take the pawn by the way. This joins your pawns again, and makes them invincible.
$ This knight gives the mortal blow to this game, because he holds at present all your adversary's pieces in some measure locked up, till you have time to prepare the check-mate.
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