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13 W. The queen's bishop takes the pawn next to
his king. B. The queen's knight at her bishop's third square.
14 W. The queen's knight at his queen's second
square. B. The king's knight at the white king's knight's fourth square.*
15 W. The queen at her king's second square.^
B. The knight takes the bishop.
16 W. The queen takes the knight.
B. The queen at her knight's square.]:
17 W. The queen takes the queen.§
B. The rook takes the queen.
18 W. The queen's rook at its king's square.
B. The king at his queen's second square.
19 W. The king's knight gives check.
B. The knight takes the knight.
20 W. The queen's rook takes the knight.
B. The king at his queen's third square.
21  W. The king's rook at his king's square.
* He plays this knight to take your queen's bishop, which would prove very incommodious to him in case he should castle on his queen's side. Observe again as a general rule, that if the strength of your game consist in pawns, the best way is to take the adversary's bishops, because they can stop the advancing of the pawns much better than the rooks.
f Not being to save your bishop, without doing worse, play your queen to take his place again when taken; for, if you had played it at your king's bishop's fourth square, to prevent the check of his knight, he would have pushed his king's knight's pawn upon your said bishop, and would have won the game immediately.
$ If he had played his queen any where else, she would have been cramped; therefore he offers to change, that, in case you refuse, he may place her at her third square, where she would be extremely well posted.
§ If you did not take his queen, your game would be still in a worse state.
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