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CHESS.                             375
9 W. The knight at his queen's bishop's third square. r B. The pawn takes the pawn.
10 W. The king's bishop takes the gambit's pawn.*
B. The pawn takes the white king's bishop's pawn.
11 W. The pawn retakes the pawn.f
B. The queen's bishop at his king's bishop's fourth square.
12 W. The queen's bishop at his king's third
square. B. The queen's knight at his queen's second square.
13 W. The queen at her second square.
B. The queen's knight at his third square.
14 W. The queen's bishop takes the knight.
B. The rook's pawn retakes the bishop.
15 W. The king castles on his queen's side.
B. The king at his rook's square.
16 W. The king's rook at the black king's knight's
fourth square. B. The king's knight's pawn one move.
17 W. The queen at her king's third square.
B. The queen at her third square.
18 W. The knight at his king's fourth square.
B. The bishop takes the knight.
19 W. The pawn retakes the bishop, and re-unites
his comrades. B. The king's rook at its king's square.
* This particular move demands a sixth back-game; because if you had retaken his king's bishop's pawn with your king's bishop's pawn, you had lost the game again.
t In retaking this pawn, you give an opening to your rook upon his king, and this pawn serves likewise for a better guard to your king ; it stops also the course of your adversary's knight; and though you have at present a pawn less, you have the best of the game by the situation.
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