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25 The rook retakes, and must win the game, having a pawn superiority, and moreover a pawn past, which amounts to a piece.*
Beginning at the fourth move of the Queens Gambit.
4 W.'The queen's pawn takes the pawn.
B. The queen takes the queen.
W. The king retakes the queen.
B. The queen's bishop at his king's third square.
6 W. The king's bishop's pawn two steps.
B. The king's knight's pawn one step.
7 W. The queen's knight at her bishop's third
square. B. The queen's knight at his queen's second square.
8 W. The king's rook's pawn one move.
B. The king's rook's pawn two moves.
9 W. The queen's bishop at his king's third
square. B. The king castles on his queen's side.
10 W. The king at his queen's bishop's second
square. B. The king's bishop at his queen's bishop's fourth square.
11  W. The bishop takes the bishop.
B. The knight retakes the bishop.
12 W. The king's knight at his bishop's third
square. B. The queen's bishop's pawn one step.
* By this back-game it appears that a pawn, when separated from his fellows, will seldom or never suceeed.
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