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CHESS.                               303
26Q.toadv.Q.B. fourth square, checking.
27  K. R. takes P. check.
28 Q. takes P. checking.
29 B. toQ. fourth square.
30 Q. to adv. Q.B. fourth
square, checking.
31   Q. to adv. K. Kt. fourth square, check.
32  Q. B. checks.
33 Q. to ad. Q. fourth sq.
34 Q. to adv. Q. Kt. two
35  K. B. P. ch ecks
36  R. to K. B. square,
37 Q.toK.fourth square,
38  Q. to adv. K. square,
39   Q. to adv. K. Kt.
square, checking.
40 K. Kt. P. two squares.
41  Q. takes Q. R.
42  K. to K. R. square.
43  B. to Q. R. third sq.
44  Q. to adv. Q. B. third
45  Q. takes Q. Kt. P.
46  K. to K. Kt. square.
47 Q.toQ. Kt. second sq.
48 Q.toK. Kt. second sq.
49 K. takes Q.
50  K. takes B.
51 B to ad. K. second sq.
52  Q. R. P. one square.
26  K. to K. Kt. square.
27  P. takes P.
28  K. to K. B. square.
29 B. to K. third square.
30  K. to K. Kt. square.
31  K. to K. B. square.
32  K. to his square.
33   Q. R. to its third
34  Q. to K. R. fourth
35  K. takes P.
36 K. to Kt. third square.
37  B. interposes.
38  R. interposes.
39  K. to K. B. third sq.
40  Q. R. to its square.
41 Q. takes P. checking.
42  R. to Q. second sq.
43  K. to K. B. second
44 R. to adv. Q. square.
45  Q. to adv. K. fourth
square, checking.
46  K. to K. Kt. third sq.
47   Q. to adv. K. Kt. fourth sq., checking.
48 Q. takes Q. checking.
49  B. to adv. K. R. third
square, checking.
50 R. takes R.
51  Q. R. P. one square.
52  R. to K. B. fourth
White resigned the gamp.
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