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396                        DRAUGHTS.
1.  The draught-table, of which the print affords an accurate representation, must be placed with an upper white corner towards the right-hand,
2.  The table being properly placed, I number the white squares in order from 1 to 32.
3.  The men are black and white, or yellow round pieces, similar to those used at 1 ackgammon. The black pieces are supposed to be placed upon the first twelve, and the white on the last twelve white squares, in all the following games.
4.  Each player alternately moves one of his men forwards, at a right angle, to the next white square; and when the man is moved to a square adjoining to an enemy, and another square next angularly behind the man so moved is unoccu­pied at that time, or afterwards become so before the foe is displaced, then the man so placed or left ungarded must be captured by the opponent, whose man consequently leaps over to the vacant square, and the prisoner is taken off the board. The same practice is immediately to be repeated, in case the man effecting a capture thereby gets situated angularly fronting an enemy unguarded behind. This may be best illustrated by exam-
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