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DRAUGHTS.                        397
pie ; as for instance, in the first game black com­mences by moving from the 11th square to the 15th; then white moves from 22 to 18, by which his man is liable to be taken by the adversary black, who leaps from 15 to 22, and in his turn is ensnared by white, whose man leaps from 25 to 18 ; and had it so happened, that one of the black was placed on 14, and No. 9 unoccupied, white could then take that man also ; and moreover, if black had besides a man on 6, and No. 2 open, white must likewise both take that, and make a king besides ; for when any man gets onwards to the last row on the end of the board opposite to that from whence his colour started, then he be­comes a king, and is crowned by placing one of the captives upon him, and he thereby obtains the privilege of moving and taking either backwards or forwards in an angular direction.
5.  When any player neglects to capture the an­tagonist, he then is said to stand the huff. For which see the fourth law at page 401.
6.  For the playing of any move required, the numbers may be written upon the board itself, near a corner of each square, so as to be easily-seen when the men are placed. Or a table may be drawn upon paper or card, and the squares num­bered, as in the following figure, and such a table will be a ready guide to any move directed.
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