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POLISH DRAUGHTS.                405
1.   The pawn moves forward diagonally one square at a time, except on taking, when he may be' moved as often as there remain pieces to be taken, and also backwards for that purpose.
2.  If you touch a pawn it must be moved, but as long as the finger is not taken off, it may be moved at pleasure. If, again, you touch several pawns for the purpose of arranging them, you must give notice to that effect, or your adversary may oblige you to play which of them he choses.
3.  When several pawns are to be taken, they must not be removed from the board until the piece capturing them has reached its last square.
4.  When you have several pawns to take, if in removing them you leave by mistake one or more on the board, your adversary has the right to huff you if he choses. Should he not do this, he can oblige you to take. But if your adversary who has the right of huffing has touched the pawn to be huffed, he loses the right to make you take it, and must huff you.
5.  When a player refuses to capture a piece, he loses the game. This rule is founded upon the consideration that whoever refuses to take, refuses to play, and of course throws up the game.
6.  When a player who can take on one side only, touches accidentally another pawn than the one which he ought to take, or, when he can take on several sides, he touches another pawn than that which he ought to take on the most favour­able side, his adversary may either huff the pawn in question, or oblige him to play the one touched.
7.  After the move is made, you can no longer huff, if the player who neglected taking the first time does so the following move, or if the pawn
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