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POLISH DRAUGHTS.                411
whatever side he may take ; for if in taking he does not go to the bottom, that is to 46 and 5, he will be recaptured, and if he goes to either ex­tremity of the line, white, by retiring to the other, prevents his moving without being taken.
Third coup.—White occupy 18, 26, and 28 ; black 20; white from 18 to 9 ; black takes and goes to 3 ; white then exchanges one for one by moving from 28 to 17-
Fourth coup.—White occupy 10, 36, and 37; black 29 ; white sacrifices at 42 and then moves to 15, by which means the black queen is blocked up, and cannot move without being captured.
Fifth coup.—White occupy 1, 35, and 49 ; black 17 ; white sacrifices a queen at 44, and moves his queen from 1 to 6 ; the black queen, which was obliged to take and to occupy 50, can then only move to 45 ; when white moves his queen from 6 to 1, and wins the game.
Sixth coup.—White occupy 9, 28, and 35 ; black 21 ; white from 9 to 25, which decides the game, because on whatever side the black queen be placed to avoid being taken or giving one for one, she must move upon either 26, 12, 38, 27, or 16, by which the game is equally lost.
Seventh coup.—White upon 7, 35, and 37; Black 43. White from 37 to 48, which decides the game ; for there is no other square upon which black can be placed without losing, as may be easily seen.
Remark.—If towards the end of a game you have a queen and a pawn against three queens, sacrifice your pawn without hesitation, as the game is more easily defended with a single queen.
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