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POLISH DRAUGHTS.                415
Example 1.
Whites at 30, queen, 15, 20, 35.
Blacks at 4, 37, queen.
The blacks are to play.
This is a most delicate position : the loss or the drawing of the game depends on the manner the black makes the first move—if well made, and that he takes care to avoid the only one that can make him lose, the game will be drawn. If he should play his queen to 46, which is the safest house compared with 41, 32, 28, and 23, he would lose ; it ought to be played either to 10, or 5, and let him avoid placing her below the white queen when she is at 30, and then it is impossible for the white to win.
Execution, shewing how it may be lost.
White.                            Blacks.
37 to 46.................. 30 at 24.
If at 5.................... Lost.
If either to 23, 28, 32,
37, 41.................. Then to 15 to 10.
If he takes with the pawn Retire the queen upon
The result is evident.
Example 2.
A surprising coup of 8 whites and 8 blacks, each having a queen. The whites have the move.
Blacks at 4, queen, 7, 13, 18, 21, 24. Whites at 15, 25, 28, 31, 32, 38, 48, queen.
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