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POLISH DRAUGHTS.                421
1st. When'two equal players give each other in turn at starting one, two, and sometimes three pawns for a queen. When one is stronger than the other he gives more pawns.
2dly. With five queens and four pawns against twenty pawns.
3dly. The diagonal game, in which the pawns are arranged in such a manner as to leave at the beginning of the game the central line open. This method is very amusing.
4thly. The Babylonian method, which is sus­ceptible of more combinations than the game ordi­narily played ; the pieces are not only moved, backwards and forwards, but to the right and the left—in fact, in every direction. It was found, however, that a board with only 100 squares was too limited a field for the operations of this game, and that it would be also necessary to augment the number of the pawns, which is probably the reason why it is seldom or ever played.
To lose the Coup is a game so disposed that your adversary cannot play without losing several pieces or the game.
Coup de Repos. A position in which one of the players has several pieces to take in succession, while his adversary has so many coups to play freely.
Great LIne. That which extends from 5 to 46.
The other terms are similar to those used at the ordinary game of draughts.
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