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1.  The Ball.—Must not weigh less than five ounces and a half, nor more than five ounces and three quarters. At the beginning of each innings, either party may call for a new ball.
2.  The Bat.—Must not exceed four inches and one quarter in the widest part.
3. The Stumps.—Must be twenty-seven inches out of the ground ; the bails eight inches in length ; the stumps of sufficient thickness to prevent the ball from passing through.
4.  The Bowling Crease.'—Must be in a line with the stumps, six feet eight inches in length; the stumps in the centre, with a return crease at each end, towards the bowler at right angles.
5.  The Popping Crease.—Must be four feet from the wicket, and parallel to it.
6.  The Wickets.—Must be pitched opposite to each other by the umpires, at the distance of twenty-two yards.
7.  It shall not be lawful for either party during a match, without the consent of the other, to alter the ground by rolling, watering, covering, mow­ing, or beating. This rule is not meant to pre­vent the striker from beating the ground with his bat near where he stands during the innings, nor to prevent the bowler from filling up holes with sawdust, &c, when the ground shall be wet.
8.  After rain the wickets may be changed with the consent of both parties.
9.  The Bowler.—Shall deliver the ball with one foot behind the bowling crease: and within the
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