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424                           CRICKET.
19.  Or, if in striking at the ball, he hit down his wicket.
20.  Or, if, under pretence of running or other­wise, either of the strikers prevent a ball from being caught, the striker of the ball is out.
21.  Or, if the ball be struck, and he wilfully strike it again.
22.  Or, if, in running, the wicket be struck down by a throw, or by the hand or arm, (with ball in hand) before his foot, hand, or bat be grounded over the popping crease. But, if the bail be off, the stump must be struck out of the ground.
23.  Or, if any part of the striker's dress, knock down the wicket.
24.  Or, if the striker touch, or take up the ball while in play, unless at the request of the other party.
25.  Or, if, with any part of his person, he stop the ball, which, in the opinion of the umpire at the bowler's wicket, shall have been delivered in a straight line to the striker's wicket, and wrould have hit it.
26.  If the players have crossed each other, he that runs for the wicket which is put down is out.
27- When a ball shall be caught, no run shall be reckoned.
28.  When a striker shall be run out, the run which they were attempting shall not be reckoned.
29.  If a lost ball shall be called, the striker { shall be allowed six runs ; but, if more than six shall have been run before lost ball shall have been called, then the striker shall have all which have been run.
30.  When the ball has been in the bowler's, or wicket-keeper's hands, it is considered as no
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