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longer in play; and the strikers need not keep within their ground till the umpire has called " play;" but, if the player go out of his ground with an intent to run before the ball be delivered, the bowler may put him out.
31.  If the striker be hurt, he may retire from his wicket, and return to it at any time in that innings.
32.  If a striker be hurt, some other person may be allowed to stand out for him, but not to go in.
33.  No substitute in the field shall be allowed to bowl, keep wicket, stand at the point, or middle wicket, or stop behind to a fast bowler, unless with the consent of the adverse party. The umpires shall enforce this law.
34.  If any person stop the ball with his hat, the ball shall be considered dead, and the opposite party shall add five runs to their score ; if any be run, they shall have five in all.
35.  If the ball be struck, the striker may guard his wicket either with his bat or his body.
36.  The Wicket Keeper.—Shall stand at a rea­sonable distance behind the wicket, and shall not move till the ball be out of the bowler's hand, and shall not by any noise incommode the striker ; and if any part of his person be over or before the wicket, although the ball hit it, the striker shall not be out.
37.  The Umpires.—Are sole judges of fair and unfair play; and all disputes shall be determined by them, each at his own wicket; but, in cass of a catch, which the umpire at the wicket bowled from, cannot see sufficiently to decide upon, he may apply to the other umpire, whose opinion is conclusive.
38.  The umpires in all matches shall pitch fair
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