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426                           CRICKET.
wickets, and the parties shall toss for the choice of innings.
39- They shall allow two minutes for each man to come in, and fifteen minutes between each inn­ings. When the umpires shall call "play," the party refusing to play, shall lose the match.
40.  They are not to order a player out, unless appealed to by the adversaries.
41.  But, if the bowler's foot be not behind the bowling crease, within the return crease, when he shall deliver the ball, thev must unasked call " no ball"
42.  If the striker run a short run, the umpire must call " one short."
43.  The umpires are not to be changed during the match, but by the consent of both parties.
1.  When there shall be less than five players on a-side, bounds shall be placed twenty-two yards each in a line from the off and leg stump.
2.  The ball must be hit before the bounds to entitle the striker to a run ; which run cannot be obtained, unless he touch the bowling stump or crease in a line with it with his bat, or some part of his person ; or go beyond them ; returning to the popping crease, as at double wicket, according to the 22d law.
3.  When the striker shall hit the ball, one of his feet must be on the ground, and behind the popping crease, otherwise the umpire shall call " no hit."
4.  When there shall be less than five players on a-side, neither byes nor overthrows shall be allowed; nor shall the striker be caught out be­hind the wicket, nor stumped out.
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