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5.  The field's man must return the ball so that it shall cross the play between the wicket and the bowling stump, or between the bowling stump and the bounds ; the striker may run till the ball shall so be returned.
6.  After the striker shall have made one run, if he start again, he must touch the bowling stump, and turn before the ball shall cross the play to entitle him to another.
7- The striker shall be entitled to three runs for lost ball, and the same number for ball stopped with hat; with reference to the 29th and 34th laws of double wicket.
8.  When there shall be more than four players on a-side, there shall be no bounds. All hits, byes, and overthrows, shal.l then be allowed.
9.  The bowler is subject to the same laws as at double wicket.
10.  Not more than one minute shall be allowed between each ball.
If the runs of one player be laid against those of another, the bets depend on the first innings, un­less otherwise specified.
If the bets be made upon both innings, and one party beat the other in one innings, the runs in the first innings shall determine the bet.
But if the other party go in a second time, then the bet must be determined by the number on the score.
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