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438                          ARCHERY.
you may counteract its effects. Thus it will be felt that precept alone will never form an archer ; and that proficiency in the use of the weapon is only to be acquired by early training and practice, based upon sound mathematical theory.
There are six .different kinds of shooting with the long bow, viz., roving—hoyle shooting—flight shooting—butt shooting—target shooting, and clout shooting.
Target shooting being that which is most in vogue with our modern toxopholites, we shall confine our observations solely to that branch of archery.
Modern targets are made of oil-cloths divided into coloured circles. Centre gold, then red, the third white (inner white), the fourth black, and the exterior circle (the outer white). All beyond the last division is named the petticoat; the target is sewed upon a boss of straw, twisted as for bee­hives.
In ordinary shooting, colour stamps no parti­cular value upon the hit, but every hit in any colour counts one. At other times, as in prize shooting, the first shot in the gold, or the nearest centre shot during the shooting, wins; and some­times every colour bears a proportionate value. Thus a shot in the gold counts 9, in the red 7, in the inner white 5, in the black 3, and in the outer white 1, the exterior circle being nine times larger than the interior one, and the same proportion being observed in calculating the value of each circle. The centre shot gives
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