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442                          ARCHERY.
of the Indians of Brazil in the use of the bow, par­ticularly the Botocudas, whose bows are eight feet long, and arrows six. However, one insuperable obstacle in modern times in imparting to the bow all the intensity of which it is susceptible, is, that the archer must be rendered physically adapted to it by training from early infancy. We hail, how­ever, with pleasure the revival of this old English sport : of its conduciveness to health all medical Avriters speak in terms of the highest commenda­tion ; it likewise powerfully develops the muscles, expands the chest, and imparts a firm and grace­ful carriage to the figure—recommendations which cannot fail to render the sport a favourite with both sexes.
Standing.    The position of the archer.
Nocking.    The placing the arrow in the string.
Holding.    The act of holding the string when drawn up.
Drawing.    The act of drawing the string to the ear.
Loosing.    Letting go the string.
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