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( 443 )
On the weighing morning, that person whose chance is to weigh last, is to set his cocks and number his pens, both main and byes, and leave the key of the pens upon the weighing table (or the other party may put a lock on the door), be­fore any cock is put into the scale; and after the first pack of cocks is weighed, a person appointed by him that weighed first shall go into the other pens, to see that no other cocks are weighed but what are so set and numbered, provided they are within the articles of weight that the match spe­cifies ; if not, to take the following cock or cocks until the whole number of main and bye cocks are weighed through. After they are all weighed, pro­ceed as soon as possible to match them, beginning at the least weight first, and so on ; and equal weights or nearest weights are to be separated, provided by that separation a greater number of battles can be made. All blanks are to be filled up on the weighing day, and the battles divided and struck off for each day's play, as agreed on, and the cocks that weigh the least are to fight the first day, and so upwards.
At the time agreed on by both parties, the cocks that are to fight the first battle are brought upon the pit by the feeders, or their helpers ; and after being examined, to see whether they answer the marks and colours specified in the match bill, they are given to the setters-to, who, after chop­ping them in hand, give them to the masters of the match (who always sit opposite to each
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