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444                      GAME COCKS.
other), when they turn them down upon the mat; and the setters-to are not to touch them, except they either hang in the mat, or in each other, or get close to the edge of the pit; until they have left off fighting, while a person can tell forty. When both cocks leave off fighting, until one of the setters-to, or a person appointed for telling the law can tell forty gradually; then the setters-to are to make the nearest way to their cocks, and as soon as they have taken them up, are to carry them into the middle of the pit, and immediately deliver them on their legs beak to beak, and not touch them any more until they have refused fighting, so long as the teller of the law can tell ten, unless they are on their backs, or hung in each other, or in the mat; then they are to set-to again in the same manner as before, and continue it till one cock refuses fighting ten several times, one after another, when it is that cock's battle that fought within the law. But it sometimes happens that both cocks refuse fighting while the law is tell­ing : when this happens, a fresh cock is to be ho­velled, and brought upon the mat as soon as pos­sible, and the setters-to are to toss up which cock is to be set-to first, and he that gets the chance is to choose. Then the cock who is to be set-to last must be taken up, but not carried off the pit; next setting the hovelled cock down to the other, five separate times, telling ten between each setting-to, and then the same to that which had been taken up; and if one fights and the other refuses, it is a battle to the fighting cock; but if both fight, or both refuse, it is a drawn battle. The reason of setting-to five times to each cock is, that ten times setting-to being the long law, so on their both refusing, the law is to be equally divided be­tween them.
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