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446                     GAME COCKS.
the pit, without sheering or cutting any feathers afterwards, except with the consent of both the masters of the match.
3.  When both cocks are set down to fight, and one of them runs away before they have struck three mouthing blows, it is adjudged do battle no the persons who bet.
4.  No persons to set-to, but those who are ap­pointed by the masters of the match.
5. When a cock shall come setting-to, and both cocks refuse to fight ten times successively ac­cording to the law, then a fresh cock shall be hovelled, and the masters of the match must agree which of them shall turn the cock down : after that, if both fight, or both refuse, to be deemed a drawn battle ; but if one should fight, and the other refuse, the battle to be allowed won by the fighting cock.
6.  After the person appointed by the masters to tell the law shall have told twice twenty, the cocks to be set-to, beak to beak, if they both see, but if either be blind, then the blind cock to touch, and on their refusing to fight, the person appointed as before is to tell ten between each setting-to, till one of the cocks has refused fighting ten times successively.
7.  When ten pounds to a crown are laid on the battle, and not taken, after twice twenty is told the battle is determined as won by that cock the odds are on.
8.  That no person shall make any cavil or speech about matching of cocks, either to matchers or owners, after the cocks are once put together.
9.  A master of the match has a right to remove any person out of the lower ring.
10.  No person can make a confirmed bet void, without mutual consent.
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