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In matching (with relation to the battles), it is a rule always in London :—That after the cocks of the main are weighed, the match-bills are compared.
That every pair of equal or dead weight, are separated, and fight against others ; plovided that it appears that the main can be enlarged, by add­ing thereto, either one battle or more thereby.
Horses take their ages from 1st January. 1760 yards are a mile. 240 yards are a distance. Four inches are a hand. Four pounds are a stone.
1.  Catch weights are, each party to appoint any person to ride without weighing.
2.  A post match is to insert the age of the horses in the articles, and to run any horse of that age without declaring what horse, till you come to the post to start.
3.  The horse that has his head at the ending post first, wins the heat.
4.  Riders must ride their horses to the weigh­ing post to weigh, and he that dismounts before, or wants weight, is distanced.
5.  If a rider fall from his horse, and the horse be rode in by a person that is sufficient weight, he will take place the same as if it had not hap­pened, provided he go back to the place where the rider fell.
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