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464                    HORSE-RACING.
quired, except where aged horses are included, in which case a horse may start without a certi­ficate, provided he carry the same weight as an aged horse.
An untried stallion or mare is one whose pro­duce has not started in public.
A maiden horse or mare is one that has never won.
In estimating winnings, it is the practice to con­sider the clear sum gained only, and, consequently, to exempt the winner's stake. A winner of a sweepstakes of 20 guineas each (three subsribers), is therefore not disqualified from running for a 50l. plate, expressed to be for horses that never won a plate, a match, or a sweepstakes of that value.
A horse walking over or receiving forfeit, shall not be deemed a winner.
If any horse shall be named or entered without being properly identified, he shall not be allowed to start in the race; but. his owner shall be liable to pay the forfeit, or if a play or pay race, the whole stake. All bets on a horse so disqualified from starting,- are void.
In every sweepstakes in which there shall be any allowance of weight to the produce of untried horses or mares, such allowances shall be claimed on the articles by each subscriber before the expi­ration of the time of naming ; and if not so claimed, no allowance shall be made, even though the horse or mare should prove to have been untried at the time of naming.
When the riders of any horses brought out to run are called upon by the person appointed to start them to take their places for that purpose, the owner of every horse which comes to the post shall
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