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468                    HORSE-RACING.
Ascot Heath—The two-mile course is a circular one, of which the last half is called the old mile. The new mile is straight and up hill all the way.
Buxton is a round course of one mile.
Chelmsford is a round course, short of two miles by about thirty yards ; about half of the straight mile is in the round course, finishing with rather a severe hill.
Chester is a circular course of one mile.
Doncaster is a round course of about 1 m. 7 fur. 70 yds.
The other courses are portions of this circle, viz.:—Red House, in 5 fur. 164 yds.; T. Y. C, 7 fur. 189 yds.; Fitzwilliam Course, 1 m. 4 fur. 10 yds.; St. Leger Course, 1 m. 6 fur. 132 yds.; Two Mile Course, 2 m. 0 fur. 15 yds.; Four Mile Course (twice round), 3 m. 7 fur. 219 yds.; Cup Course, 2 m. 5 fur. 14 yds.
Egham is a round, short of two miles by sixty-six yards, and nearly flat.
Epsom is a round course, the last mile and a half of which is the Derby and Oaks course; from Mr. O'Kelly's stables in, is the Craven course • of one mile and a quarter.
Knutsford is a round course of one mile.
Leeds is a circular course of 1 m. 2 fur! 48 yds. There is also a straight course through the centre of the circular one, of 2 fur. 158 yds., which, unit­ing with each half of the circle, forms two other courses in the form of a sector; the one, 1 m. 11 yds.; the other, lm. 135 yds.
Liverpool—The Maghull is an oval course of one mile flat. The Aintree course is 1 m. 4 fur. flat.
Manchester is an oval course of 7 fur. 184 yds. The cup course is 2 m. 168 yds. TheT. Y. C. is 5 fur. 184 yds.
Newcastle is a square course, 1 m. 6 fur. 132
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