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yds. The T. Y. C. 5 fur. 105 yds. Mile course from Newcastle turn, 6 fur. 184 yds. The two-mile course, 2 miles. The three-mile course, 2 m. 7 fur. 85 yds. Four-mile course, 3 m. 7- 153 yds.
Newon is a triangular course of 1 m. with a hill.
Nottingham is a round course of 1 m. 2 fur. 11 yds.
Oxford is a round course of 2 m. all but a dis­tance, and quite flat, the last half mile straight.
Pontefract is an oval course of about 2 in. 1 fur.
Preston is an oval course of 1 m. flat.
Stockbridge is a round course rather hilly, the last three-quarters of a mile nearly straight. They have also a straight mile, and a round course of about one mile and a quarter ; the latter is called the New Course.
York T. Y. C.,b fur. 59 yds. Mile course, 1 m. 0 fur. 8yds. Last mile and quarter, 1 m. 2 fur. 15 yds. Last mile and a half, 1 in. 4 fur. 18 yds. Last mile and three-quarters, 1 m. 5 fur. 160 yds. Two-mile course, 1 m. 7 fur. 85 yds. Four-mile course, 3 m. 7 fur. 24 yds.
The fo 'lowing regulations respecting the weights and distances of His Majesty's plates have re­cently been published, and are to remain in force, till otherwise directed by His Majesty :
The weights of the king's plate run for at New­market shall be fixed by the stewards of the Jockey Club.
Chester—Thrice round the course, rather more than three miles. Three years old to carry 7 st. 2lb. Four, 9st. 21b. Five, lOst. Six and" aged, lOst. 51b.
.Ascot Heath—To start at the New Mile Starting Post, to go once round and in. Weights the same
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